The Conspiratorial

Chapter 4 – Discoveries

by Greg Newell on May.15, 2009, under Chapters, Medical Cons

Raymond was trying to move the conversation to something more intimate. He wasn’t very good at it. “There’s nothing like a San Diego sunset and wine” said Raymond. George’s at the Cove was a wonderful retreat to finish off the day, especially if you could get a seat on the ocean terrace. Raymond always looked for professional reasons to bring Sandra there because frankly he was just too shy to ask her out directly. As he watched the sun dance off the auburn streaks in her hair, all he could think about was her. He was trying to muster the courage and the words to ‘take their relationship to the next level’. He started with “Sandra…” and that’s all he got out.

Sandra interrupted without even knowing there was anything to interrupt. She couldn’t get her mind off the days events. “I’m not sure I understand. Are you saying that your great grandfather had a cure for cancer?”

“I don’t understand it all either, Sandra.” Raymond sipped his wine and contemplated how much he could tell Sandra. He decided he was pretty much all-in with the demonstration this afternoon, so he continued. “I found my great grandfather’s memoirs. I was tearing down the book case in the den and behind one of the walls of the bookshelf I found 50 notebooks, each one dated for the year in which it was written. They were dated 1917 – 1967. Sandra, he never gave up, but he died a failure. In 1971 I held my great grandfathers hand as he faded under a dose of valium and alcohol. He couldn’t talk. He looked so tired. It’s only fitting that he didn’t die of natural causes. He spent his entire life trying to eradicate them.”

Raymond took a deep breath. “It gets even better. My great grandfather proved that cancer was in fact caused by a virus. He isolated that virus, he watched it under the microscope and he killed it. Just exactly the way we killed the flu virus.” I read the memoirs and there is one thing that is incontrovertible. My great grandfather cured 30 people who were on their death beds with cancer. My great grandfather deserved a Nobel prize in medicine and Sandra, I’m going to make sure he gets it!”

“But this is ludicrous! C’mon Raymond. Really? You believe this? So, why isn’t this machine in every medical institution in the country?”

Raymond’s first inclination was to try to help Sandra rationalize what he believed to be the truth. “Sandra, what has been one of the biggest discoveries in recent years with respect to cervical cancer?” He didn’t let her answer as she started to utter the word vaccination. “That’s right, that there is a virus associated with it and that opened the door to a vaccine. We are just now discovering what my great grandfather knew to be true 80 years ago.”

Raymond was still sensing her skepticism and he started to fidget…agitated. “YOU SAW IT WORK!” He wanted to scream. “My great grandfather died a failure. His life was ruined. I saw him die in tears. He was beaten. He was discredited and destroyed not because of his failures but because of his success. He was in fact a threat.”

Sandra looked puzzled. “A threat? To whom? If I’m to believe you, he was curing cancer. How on earth could that be a threat?

“Look,” said Raymond, “I didn’t believe any of this either. That’s why I’ve been running these experiements. You can’t deny the existence of the microscope. That’s hard physical evidence. So, forget the cancer part for now. Can you deny what you saw yesterday? Do you want to go do it again? Once you get tuned into that microscope, you can repeat that experiment as much as you want. And every time you do it, you get better at it. I have never seen anything like it, Sandra. That microscope works.”

“Anyway, I started reading the memoirs. A lot of Royal Raymond Rife’s experiments were actually carried out in the very house I live in. I discovered a room in the basement that had been boarded up. But it wasn’t just boarded up, there was a cement wall where a cement wall shouldn’t be. There is nothing in the memoirs about the existence of this room. But the more time I spent fixing up the basement, the more I realized that something wasn’t right. That wall was blocking access to about a third of the basement. It wasn’t obvious until I realized that I was standing directly under the kitchen and the basement should have extended well under the dining room area. Well, long story short, I was able to cut a door in the wall and that’s when I discovered the treasure you saw in the storage room at work. Everything I found was in mint condition from what I can tell. Quite obviously, it works. If you are to believe the notes, my great grandfather used that equipment well into the sixties.

“So, why did you bring it to work?” Sandra asked.

“I know, it was a risk. I decided it would be easier to keep it under wraps and run some of the experiements that I wanted to run if I had access to live specimens. I weighed the risk of leaving the facility with those specimens against being seen bringing in this equipment. I wasn’t breaking any rules by bringing the equipment in and I wasn’t exposing the public to any live viruses. It made sense to set up shop in the junk room. I mean really, if you look in there, this stuff just looks like part of the land of the misfits! It looks like junk too! But Sandra, this stuff is NOT junk.”

“I’ve been learning how to use this microscope for months. I started with standard slides and specimens that could be seen under even a low power microscope. It was fascinating. This microscope is amazing. There are five more of these Microscopes in the world. No-one knows that this one even exists which is why it’s so important to keep it under wraps. I’m afraid if this discovery were made public, this instrument would be archived at some place like the Smithsonian, never to expose its real truth.”

“So, what about the other thing.”

“That is a frequency generator. It eats up a bit of power which you noticed when we turned it on. That was another reason bringing it to the lab made sense. The plasma tube appears to be original from what I can tell. To be honest, I did not expect it to work. Boy, was I wrong. According to the memoirs this unit was going to be mass manufactured. For that reason, there were very detailed instructions regarding how to setup and operate the frequency generator. There are pages and pages in my great grandfather’s memoirs just indicating dial positions associated with successes and failures of experiment after experiment. If anything, he was dedicated to this machine and exhaustively detailed on all it’s trials. Some of the logs indicate occasions where he didn’t sleep for days. That, Sandra, is either the work of a lunatic or a genius. There were 30 people who would tell you that Raymond Royal Rife was an angel from heaven.”

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